Empowering Imagination

Through Cyber Space

We programme the future by both educating the upcoming generations about the technology innovation as well as creating magical digital artistic innovations.

Our Services


X-Shirt Design

We’ve designed a new age tshirt that uses the most advanced mobile AR technologies to open holographic portals on its design. We call it X-shirt!

X-Card Design

Our holographic designs help you stand out with your X-card by using advanced mobile AR application

X-Album Design

Absolutely a new way to experience a music album. Open holographic portals on the albums artwork and get your audience engaged


We use the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies to generate absolutely mind bending visuals! Your audience will be taken into a Magix journey.


We extend reality on all XR headsets and develop magical digital experiences, better said digital realms


AI Club

We are programming the future by educating the upcoming generations about the AI revolution. Check our programme to find out how we help young minds develop a feeling of responsibility about the future whilst learning new AI skills

AI Course

We help creative adults and organizations to adopt to the new digital innovations, we do this especially by teaching them about the new AI tools.

VR Club

We run weekly XR clubs, both at city schools and refugee camps. Kids learn about the potential of XR technologies as well as they get to meet their peers from across the world and different cultures, through our metaverse.


Artificial Intelligence

Don’t fear the AI revolution, fully embrace it! We can help you stay at the for front of this revolution by extending your skills with Artificial Intelligence.

Extended Reality

You want to step into the world of Metaverse but don’t know where to start? We sure can guide you into the endless sea of possibilities that XR has to offer.


Don’t believe the hype, blockchain technologies are here to stay. Be it a crypto or NFT project, we can help you navigate the Web 3 space comfortably and securely.


We’ve been delivering mid-expanding keynote speeches across the world. Why don’t you hire us and take a ride into the world of AI, Education, Esotericism and Magix.

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